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BuildPulse software is a cloud based solution that rapidly ties into your building automation system – taking all of the existing data that you have today and using it to proactively identify issues and faults, prioritize your workflow, and enable your staff to fix problems and increase wrench time with the needed visibility and verification.


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Maximize your staff

Help your team make the switch to proactive maintenance by automating the grunt work. Using automated logic to free up time, your team is enabled to get ahead of the curve and focus on higher value projects.
“It’s definitely a conversation starter. There’s nothing like an image to make an impact compared to just a discussion.”
Mike Pumroy, Energy Manager at Macalester College


Get the most out of your current equipment

Protect your capital investments and avoid unexpected budget stress by keeping a pulse on your equipment health 24/7. With software that monitors thousands of pieces of equipment every 5 minutes, your team can adhere to equipment runtimes, proactively identify problems, and ultimately maximize your equipment’s lifetime.

“We can be more proactive and can catch issues within a week instead of things going on for maybe years before we discover that there’s a problem.” 

Adam Kohler, UNH Campus Energy Manager

Keep your occupants comfortable

Reduce comfort complaints and resolve issues at the source instead of getting stuck in reactive mode, constantly putting out fires. Use actionable data to address underlying problems and keep your occupants happy.   

“There is improved stratification across campus, and the rooms are heating much better. That is a huge improvement. It’s helped warm up rooms faster and thus shorten our possible start times.”

Rick Smith, Controls Technician at the University of Gonzaga



Hit energy goals

With the ability to prioritize cost savings opportunities, your team can identify low hanging fruit and make the highest impact changes first. Getting full visibility into all of your systems enables your team to hit energy goals in your building portfolio.

“The system provides avoided cost estimates to help us target the items with the biggest energy impact first.”

Adam Kohler,UNH Campus Energy Manager

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