27 Apr ABCs of Energy

 by Nicole Harper, DEXMA

Lab energy initiatives: The power of shutting the sash

Lab spaces on university campuses are essential to students’ education and college experience, but consume a huge amount of energy, resulting in high costs and negative impacts on the environment. Universities across the country have come up with some creative and effective lab energy initiatives, but there is still a long way to go before our lab spaces considered sustainable.   Continue Reading…

Using analytics to make the switch from reactive to proactive

Reactive and proactive maintenance isn’t black and white, but falls on a wide spectrum. Many facilities teams don’t fall at either extreme – they’re somewhere in the middle, and struggling to get closer to the proactive side. Reaching a state of preventative maintenance is difficult, but attainable through analytics that keep your team ahead of the curve. Facility teams are extremely busy, and automating part of their jobs helps free up time that is better used for implementing energy initiatives, solving problems, and ultimately making the switch from reactive to proactive.

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