All your building metrics in one place

A plug and play solution that enables your team to start solving problems today

BuildPulse is a powerful but user-friendly tool that integrates your existing building systems in hours, not months. Now your team can spend more time solving problems and less time hunting for them.

Key Benefits for Facility Managers

Make changes while keeping your occupants happy.

“We can cut back more and more without complaints.”

Rick Smith, Controls Technician at GU

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Make a measurable impact.

“The system provides avoided cost estimates for issues to help us target the items with the biggest energy impacts first.”

Adam Kohler, UNH Campus Energy Manager

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Drive visibility and conversation.

“One major benefit of the Buildpulse system is its extended trend logging capability. The ability to easily generate and share custom trend logs has tremendous value.”

Adam Kohler, UNH Campus Energy Manager

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Make changes while keeping your occupants happy.

With two team members managing over 3 million square feet at Gonzaga University, the team needs to use its resources wisely. BuildPulse tightens the feedback loop on making and measuring changes. Because of this, the team is more aware of what issues need to be mitigated and which issues are higher priority. The ability to automate even a small part of their workload alleviates pressure and augments the team’s ability to make changes while keeping occupants comfortable.

Make a measurable impact.

BuildPulse reports come with weighted cost estimates, allowing the team to prioritize issues without requiring significant upfront cost analysis. This enables the team to fix issues now and measure the impact later. The service identifies common issues found in commissioning and analyst inspection of data without the high cost and time investment.



Drive visibility and conversation.

Use data not only for troubleshooting issues but also for working with other teams on campus. At the University of New Hampshire, when another department had a question about historical building performance, the Facility Team was able to pull up that data in the middle of the meeting without needing to dig through the BAS data.


BuildPulse will help your team

  • prioritize issues
  • simplify workflow
  • identify energy savings
  • present data and findings
  • proactively solve problems
  • lower occupant complaints
  • implement best practices to get the most out of the tool


“What’s more important is the mission. If this product can support the mission, that’s more important – allowing the students to be successful in their academic endeavors is our ultimate goal.”

– Tomson Spink, Facility Maintenance Manager at GU


Take a look at our Case Studies for more information about how Facility Managers leverage BuildPulse to make an impact.


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