CopperTree Analytics acquires BuildPulse

Together, we create a powerful and comprehensive building and energy data analytics company.

We're the plug & play guys.

BuildPulse software is a cloud based solution that rapidly ties into your building automation system – taking all of the existing data that you have today and using it to proactively identify issues and faults, prioritize your workflow, and enable your staff to fix problems and increase wrench time with the needed visibility and verification.

What our customers are saying
“We can be more proactive and can catch issues within a week instead of things going on for maybe years before we discover that there’s a problem.” - Adam Kohler, UNH Campus Energy Manager LeftStackedBlueWeb_RGB-1.png
“The BuildPulse software has provided us with detailed operating and energy data, which has been invaluable in making informed corrective decisions. This information has identified a number of energy consumption cost savings which could not have been identified previously." – Facility Energy Manager at Holborn Bars
“There is improved stratification across campus, and the rooms are heating much better. That is a huge improvement. It’s helped warm up rooms faster and thus shorten our possible start times.” - Rick Smith, Controls Technician at the University of Gonzaga gonzaga2.png
“The system provides avoided cost estimates to help us target the items with the biggest energy impact first.” - Adam Kohler, UNH Campus Energy Manager LeftStackedBlueWeb_RGB-1.png
“BuildPulse is able to inexpensively identify useful points in days where most solutions require professional electrical installations and scoping that put even the smallest projects in the $10,000 or above range.” - Stephen Kozlen, Optimization Program Manager
“'Just' knocking down the demand chart is more powerful than most software I have seen to date.” - Marco Bieri, Project Manager, Rede Energy
Core Benefits for Facility Teams
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Maximize your staff
Facility teams today contend with reduced headcount and budget. Free up your team to put in wrench time instead of spending hours digging through data. 
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Preventative maintenance
Extend equipment lifetime by proactively identifying issues and faults to avoid band aid fixes.
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Reduce occupant complaints
Keep occupants comfortable while maintaining temperature setpoints and scheduling. 
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Pick low hanging fruit
Make an immediate impact on energy costs by prioritizing issues by cost savings and identifying simple fixes. 
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Increase accountability and results
Enable your team to measure and verify changes with automated reporting.
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Cloud storage
Get 24/7 remote access to your data. Our facility maintenance software's cloud storage scales seamlessly for you. 
Training & Support
In addition to  initial training, our customer support team will provide monthly, quarterly, and ongoing strategic advice and troubleshooting, as well as access to best practices from the BuildPulse community of experts.
Join the facility teams hitting 5 x ROI
BuildPulse automated FDD (fault detection & diagnostics) platform has dramatically decreased pricing, resulting in ROIs in the 5X range in 1 year or less.  We can provide proposals, ROI calculations and third party studies to help you allocate budget.  
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Plug & Play

Our plug & play installation significantly reduces setup time and cost and will normalize the data from all of your existing building automation systems - legacy and new. Just plug in and start pulling data to the cloud.  

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