Brenna Buckwalter By Brenna Buckwalter • July 3, 2018

Before you go OOO...

With the daily deluge of emails hitting our inbox, occasionally, there's a diamond in the rough. This week, we rounded up our favorite articles that are *actually* worth the click-through.

From Optigo Networks

Test yourself with this map quiz! "When I really think about it, I’m astounded by how much movement and change there is among companies in the building automation industry. Everyone — both new companies and old — is partnering, purchasing, and generally collaborating a heck of a lot more than they used to." 


10 Business Models to Accelerate Utilities Digital Transformation

"The way we produce and supply energy, also known as the energy value chain, is undergoing a major shift these days. For utilities, what were once an easily predictable, low-risk and safe investments are quickly turning into liabilities. As one analyst recently told the Economist, “Never in recent history has the deployment of capital been more difficult than it is right now within the energy industry.”

From Digital Commerce 360

Five use cases for the digital hospital of the future

"With aging infrastructure in some countries and increased demand for more beds in others, hospital executives and governments should consider rethinking how to optimize inpatient and outpatient settings and integrate digital technologies into traditional hospital services."

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