Brenna Buckwalter By Brenna Buckwalter • June 18, 2018

Wellness (for your building), data security, & smart hotels

With the daily deluge of emails hitting our inbox, occasionally, there's a diamond in the rough. This week, we rounded up our favorite articles that are *actually* worth the click-through.

From facilitiesnet 

Is There Really a Payback for Health and Wellness Strategies?

Can't we do better than "merely trying to avoid making occupants sick"? This article asserts "that buildings should also be designed and operated in a way that actively supports human health and wellness."

From Smart Cities Dive

Navigating the digital transformation of commercial buildings

"The ongoing investigation into the Facebook data breach ... highlights the real risk of consumer backlash as we wade through the realities of data-driven, technology-enabled convenience. The confusion and frustration for consumer goods is one thing, but what do these risks mean as IoT permeates the commercial buildings segment?"

From Seeking Alpha

Hotels Will Lead Transition To 'smart' Building Technologies

'Smart' building technologies are allowing the rapidly expanding hotel industry to deliver a great experience for each guest through mass customization.

What was your favorite article? Do you have a go-to source for the best news on the industry?