Brenna Buckwalter By Brenna Buckwalter • July 25, 2018

Global trends: smart buildings, designing for sustainability, & building analytics

With the daily deluge of emails hitting our inbox, occasionally, there's a diamond in the rough. This week, we rounded up our favorite articles that are *actually* worth the click-through. 

From College Planning & Management 

Designing for Sustainability: The Case for Early Intervention

"A recent trend we see among higher education clients is a reluctance to pursue LEED and other third-party sustainability certifications. Even as the available options for certification or rating such as WELL, Living Building Challenge, FitWell, TRUE, PassiveHaus, and Green Globes continue to grow, institutions are delaying decisions to commit."

From GTM

5 Trends Helping Drive Smart Building Adoption

"The opportunity for smart buildings is clear. From The Edge in Amsterdam to the RBC WaterPark Place in Toronto, smart buildings across the globe are delivering a better occupant and operating experience. Moreover, there is data that links green building certification to higher rents and property values."

From Saudi Gazzette 

Gulf automation industry on track for double digit growth

"The Gulf region’s automation industry is on track for double digit growth over the next five years, as recovering oil prices and government economic diversification plans boost demand for industrial and building automation technologies, according to new research."

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