Brenna Buckwalter By Brenna Buckwalter • September 26, 2018

Preventative Maintenance & the Cost of Reactivity

With the daily deluge of emails hitting our inbox, occasionally, there's a diamond in the rough. Here, we rounded up our favorite articles that are *actually* worth the click-through. This week, we're reading articles focused on preventative maintenance, and what happens when we dig ourselves into the proverbial hole of constant reactivity. 

From The New York Times

The M.T.A. Says the Subway Is Getting Better. Here’s Why You Haven’t Noticed.

The New York City subway system is riddled with problems, which have been highly publicized and debated during the upcoming elections. Here's what deferred maintenance has to do with it's continued decline. 

From Contractor Magazine

Plumbing Quiz: Water Conservation

Think you know your stuff? Take this quiz from Contractor Magazine to find out if you know the ins and outs of water conservation in your building portfolio's plumbing.  

From Fiix

Preventive maintenance software and tools: Finding the technology that’s right for you

Fiix shares it's take on preventative maintenance, and how CMMS software could be the key to getting your team out of reactive mode. 


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