Brenna Buckwalter By Brenna Buckwalter • June 28, 2018

Tech for good, FDD for comfort, and BAS for success

With the daily deluge of emails hitting our inbox, occasionally, there's a diamond in the rough. This week, we rounded up our favorite articles that are *actually* worth the click-through.

From JLL Real Views 

Turning to tech to boost employee wellbeing

"From smart building management systems to wearable gadgets that encourage regular movement, today’s workers increasingly inhabit a new kind of workplace, optimized by technology to enhance productivity, health and wellbeing."

From Energy Central 

Fault Detection and Diagnostics – Analytics Driven Insights for Maximum Occupant Comfort and Energy Efficiency

"Whether it’s known as Monitoring Based Commissioning, Continuous Optimization, or Real-Time Energy Monitoring, the returns on implementing an analytics driven energy efficiency system is increasingly, an investment worth making."

From IoT Agenda

Building automation systems bring building commissioning success

"While the traditional business model has been lucrative, the advent of more sophisticated building automation systems, the internet of things and big data analytics have opened the door for big changes in building commissioning services."