Brenna Buckwalter By Brenna Buckwalter • October 10, 2018

Webinar: How to Design a Sustainability Plan Tailored to your Facilities Team

Every facility team faces different challenges depending on their campus and team size, the modernity of their assets, and their budget restrictions. Designing an effective sustainability plan depends on taking all of these factors under consideration. 

Rob McKenna from Fovea specializes in making the business case for sustainability in energy and infrastructure decisions. Rob will be joined by energy and building automation expert Brice Kosnik to share a framework for your team to use, answering your questions on:

  • the best solution to use depending on team & campus size
  • speaking the language of your financial officer
  • how to switch to preventative maintenance (when feel like you're barely keeping up as it is)
  • using analytics in legacy buildings
  • the best workflows to use for small and large teams 
Register now to join us and participate in live Q&A on Wed, Oct. 24 at 11am PT.