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Find out how some of BuildPulse’s customers are using the technology to get ROI and improve their operations.

Driving Change at the University of New Hampshire Using Modern Analytics


The University of New Hampshire wanted their team to spend more time fixing issues and less time looking for them. BuildPulse’s automated data collection and fault diagnostics reduces the time spent hunting for issues by the team. This, alongside the cost savings analysis, extended trend logging, and collaborative service, makes BuildPulse a valuable tool for the UNH team.

“We can be more proactive and can catch issues within a week instead of things going on for maybe years before we discover that there’s a problem.” – Adam Kohler, UNH Campus Energy Manager

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Making an Impact on Energy Costs & Improving Occupant Comfort

Storing and analyzing over 654,000 data points every day from Holborn Bars, BuildPulse plug and play technology was able to uncover over 20 issues which would make an immediate impact on energy consumption that otherwise “would not have been identified.”

“The BuildPulse software has provided us with detailed operating and energy data, which has been invaluable in making informed corrective decisions. This information has identified a number of energy consumption cost savings which could not have been identified previously.” – Facility Energy Manager at Holborn Bars


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Improving Workflow & Reducing Energy Consumption

BuildPulse adds value and helps the team at Gonzaga University contribute to the GU mission by augmenting the existing BAS software, supporting facility and energy managers to proactively identify and mitigate issues, and providing its unique plug and play aspect with only a 3 week installation process.

“What’s more important is the mission. If this product can support the mission, that’s more important – allowing the students to be successful in their academic endeavors is our ultimate goal.” – Tomson Spink, Facility Maintenance Manager at Gonzaga University


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Case Stuides at a Glance


How Energy Managers Use BuildPulse to Hit Goals


There are many ways to approach any problem on campus – the key is to find the solution that’s efficient, attainable, and clear. Mike Pumroy, the Energy Manager at Macalester College, makes informed decisions, designs energy initiatives, and makes an impact on campus with BuildPulse analytics. 

“The data’s there and I can run it on the fly.” – Mike Pumroy, Energy Manager at Macalester College

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