Grow your Business with Analytics

Capitalize on a maturing market with modern fault detection & diagnostics

Why partner with BuildPulse?


By partnering with BuildPulse you will be able to support your clients through their entire work cycle, fully integrate into their team, and become more than a vendor. You will create a high margin recurring revenue stream, be able to support more clients, and drive additional service work to your professional and maintenance service groups.

As a partner, BuildPulse establishes your company as a true advisor to all clients.

Get automated, standardized reporting across all of your clients.

BuildPulse enhances your current workflow and customer engagment and enables you to take action on all your customers' data, no matter where it lives. BuildPulse’s fault detection and diagnostics engine gives you in-depth measurement across all of the equipment in your customers portfolio.

"'Just' knocking down the demand chart is more powerful than most software I have seen to date.”
Marco Bieri, Project Manager, Rede Energy

Grow your business with analytics

Establish new recurring revenue 

Provide continuous managed analysis services, enabling your team to create ongoing client relationships, complementing your project-based revenue opportunities.


Access a new market

Increase project conversion by offering modern services for a maturing market, with less than 5% saturation.


Do more with less

Enable your team to to collect and verify data across multiple verticals, increasing staff time efficiency and allowing time for higher-value projects.

Engage your customer base

Retain existing customers by providing cost effective granular insights and access to a network of industry experts, delivering enduring improvement to building performance and energy usage.



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