Automated fault detection & diagnostics for facility teams and commissioning providers


Setup & Data Ownership


Plug & Play

BuildPulse is a plug and play device that you can plug into your current building automation system. After plugging in, BuildPulse automatically maps all your data and pushes it to the cloud.


Customers have 24/7 access to their data, and can access it remotely without having to login to their current system. BuildPulse reports enable customers to Measure and Verify that their teams and buildings are operating efficiently.

Storage & Security

Cloud Storage

Our services push data to the cloud every 5 minutes. From here we save your data for as long as you’re a customer. No need to worry about managing a database or getting IT to OK more data for your current systems. Our data storage scales seamlessly for you.



Built by top software experts who have built analytics solutions for Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, BuildPulse’s device pushes data to a REST API, so you don't have to worry about third party security issues. Your system is safe behind the firewall you have created.


“BuildPulse is able to inexpensively identify useful points in days where most solutions require professional electrical installations and scoping that put even the smallest projects in the $10,000 or above range.”  
Stephen Kozlen, Optimization Program Manager

Getting started