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The Future of Facilities Management

What tools do you need to face the future of facility maintenance? Join BAS expert Brice Kosnik from BuildPulse and CMMS expert Steve Ricard from Fiix to discuss how digitization in facilities management and maintenance is:


- Optimizing workflows and cutting down on repair times

- Enabling a more seamless experience between BAS and CMMS

- Shaping the workforce (and how to hire to move with  the times)  


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Can old buildings use analytics too?


BuildPulse CEO Brice Kosnik, alongside Phil Zito from Building Automation Monthly ask the question "can you learn new things from an old building?" In this webinar they'll unpack: 

  • How using analytics is no longer limited to brand new buildings or cash rich businesses 
  • The most common efficiency issues in a building and what you can do about them 
  • Why calculating the ROI on optimizing your BAS isn’t as hard as you think 
  • How to manage the change that comes with adopting new building automation technology 
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6 Ways to Make 2018 Your Year of Energy Savings

Join Andrew Marsh, BAS expert from BuildPulse, alongside Susie McMullan, Project Manager from Lucid for 6 actionable ways to make 2018 the year of energy savings in your building portfolio from the portfolio, building, and system level. At the portfolio level, normalize then compare your buildings & look at historical performance. At the building level, benchmark your buildings & reduce your baseload. At the system level, focus on equipment operating schedules and fault detection 

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Preventative Maintenance Toolkit


BuildPulse BAS expert Andy Marsh joins CMMS expert Matt Gilvey from Fiix to discuss what your team can do today to make the switch from reactive to proactive maintenance.

For facility teams, resources are continually stretched thinner while square footage and equipment responsibilities continue to grow. With less and less time, the cycle of reactive maintenance continues, making preventive maintenance seem unattainable. 

Keeping the busy schedules of facility teams in mind, our experts have curated a toolkit for making the switch to preventative maintenance - focusing on small, attainable changes that you can apply in your workflow today. 

  • Learn how to stop putting out fires and get on top of your maintenance backlog 
  • Increase the lifetime of your equipment 
  • Organize your team for maximum impact in the long-term

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